Media advantages of Advertising on the Piccadilly
By partnering with Piccadilly Concepts, there are many benefits to consider, many of which help
to control costs and boost revenue. Either way they make an impact on the bottom line. Listed
below are some of the reasons for working with Piccadilly Concepts on your next campaign:
There is no infrastructure investment required on the part of the media partner. All restrooms are owned,
maintained and serviced by the restroom operator. No billboards to construct and maintain, no expensive
property leases to sign.

No ongoing infrastructure expenses when media space goes unsold.

Regulatory restrictions are sometimes a problem for out of home media companies. Since almost all usage
of portable restrooms is conversely required by law, there are fewer restrictions on advertising, especially
when the placement is on private property.

There are no municipal government contracts that restrict a media company from entering a given market, as
with bus shelters, city information signs or transit media etc. All markets become potential media
opportunities. Establish a larger presence in markets where you have limited exposure today due to these

Due to its semi temporary or seasonal nature, markets that would not work for typical alternative media are
prime candidates for restroom advertising. Examples are golf courses, marinas and park districts etc, all of
which are currently untapped media markets.

Many outdoor companies are competing with the same media offerings in the same markets. The Piccadilly
Poly provides the ideal opportunity to expand the revenue generated by alternative advertising with a new and
exciting product.

Offer very highly targeted advertising solutions to your agency partners and their clients based on the
demographic profile of attendees of specific events.

Restroom operators service their units on a very regular basis to ensure their cleanliness. They can act as
your eyes and ears with regards to proof of performance to confirm and monitor the condition of the
advertising panel.

In certain vertical markets there will be opportunities to attract co-op advertising placements.

Become the market leader in the portable restroom media market with a product that is attention getting,
attractive and highly visible