What can Piccadilly Concepts do for portable restroom operators? Plenty!
Piccadilly wants to help make you the rental leader in your market! You already provide great
service and offer competitive pricing to your customers but sometimes that's not enough to expand
your business or increase profitability. Offering the same products as your competitors makes it
difficult for your company to standout from the competition. With the Piccadilly Poly in your stable it
just won't be price and service anymore!
Piccadilly will provide restroom operators with new products and tools to expand their relationships with
established customers, and target the needs of the profitable special events and recreational marketplaces.

Generate higher rental rates then with the standard restrooms. With the Piccadilly's exclusive features and
unique styling, you can compete on features and not on rental rates.

With each placement, the eye-catching design of the Piccadilly will effectively act as a billboard for your
business creating awareness of your services with new potential customers.

Renters looking for the Piccadilly will find links on the Piccadilly Concepts website and other related websites
that lead them directly to operators in their area who provide the Piccadilly. What other restroom can do that!

The Piccadilly provides an attractive platform for providing advertiser subsidized portable rentals, which will be
financially attractive to your customers. With it's reusable panels, festivals, golf courses, marathons and parks
would be ideal candidates for this sponsorship option.

Piccadilly is working with media companies to develop restroom solutions for local and regional events and will
be looking for restroom operators to partner with us in these ventures.

Operators will be able to cater to customers who can't afford a trailer but want an attractive alternative to the
traditional utilitarian portables on the market today.

Piccadilly Concepts will showcase and promote the Piccadilly along with it's advertising feature to customers in
several rental markets. Educating the rental customer in the opportunities and cost benefits that an attractive
rental combined with the sponsorship option can provide. This will create organic demand for operators who
carry the Piccadilly Poly in their inventory.